Whenever I am pregnant with ideas, it pains a lot until I Deliver.
Such a pain that is unbearable but I know that God has given me the strength to withstand. My brain child didn’t take 9 months but it took 9 squares to born.
“Born for creativity and creatively born.”
Initial time was tough as a father; It was difficult to feed my baby.. But the joy of being a pregnant father was much more than of pain. And I very well knew that God has bestowed me the strength required.
Moreover Faith has more power than Wisdom..! So I walked with the same.
I may be like any other entrepreneurial father on this earth. But one thing that I have learnt is - I should treat my child as if it is the most genius one around. I have to nurture it, make it believe and make it true. I am committed to that for sure. Because Success is my baby’s Birthright..!!
I am proud of my baby.“9 square designs” is more than 7 years old now.And at such a tender age, it has grown so fast and completed over 95 projects in all...
Now the good news is “I am pregnant again..!”
Proud father of “9 square designs”
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