“9 square designs” was founded in Ahmedabad by Suraj Parmar with a vision “Creating a place of Well-being.” Since then the firm has ventured into Architecture and Interior Design and produced variety of work in the field.
It was at the age of 15 that Suraj Parmar had decided to be an Architect. At that age he came across works of one of the well known Architect ‘Leo Pereira’ in Bhavnagar ( suraj’s home town ) and also works of Architect Rajnikant Machhar. And been thrilled by that he knew that ARCHITECTURE WAS HIS CALLING.
Having pursued Architecture from one of the best Universities of the country – SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, CEPT UNIVERSITY, AHMEDABAD; Suraj Parmar got to learn from big names of the field. He also got selected as one of the top Exchange students to SWISS FEDERAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, ETH, ZURICH (SWITZERLAND) with total scholarship and got an international academic and professional field exposure for a year.
Architecture being an influential field, Suraj Parmar insisted since the beginning not to work with any one as there were chances of adopting the Mentor’s style. He feels it is one’s own exploration in the field that makes Principles of Architecture clear.
Suraj Parmar and his team constantly explore the forms, the shapes, the textures, the scales and proportions and also the materials which can give them their own identity.
And that is why at such a tender age of the firm, “9 square designs” has COMPLETED MORE THAN 95 PROJECTS in AHMEDABAD, BHAVNAGAR, PUNE, RANPUR, BHARUCH, ANAND and many other cities."
Not just limiting the field to architecture and interiors, the firm also serves in Vastu Shastra, Feng shui and Pyra vastu. And have had some tremendous results implementing them into projects.
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